12.09 2018
Image Current status of agriculture in France

Current status of agriculture in France

French agriculture lost ground on its European neighbors for some time. Indeed, 10 years ago, it still held the first rank of the Continent. Today, it is in the third square. However, given its potential, it is a global agricultural power. 

 A market-oriented agriculture 

 Competitive agriculture

 Thanks to more than 500 000 holdings, French agriculture held the third rank in Europe. In fact, agricultural activities cover more than half of the national territory. A favorable climate makes it possible to optimize the breeding and the production of vegetables and fruits. Today, the agricultural sector accounts for over 500 000 holdings. Most of them are family farms. Yet, the number of companies has steadily increased in recent years. 

 Modern farming 

On the practical side, farming in France is distinguished by its modern character. The significant increase in production illustrates the success of the transition from self-consumption to export. Currently, 20% of the agricultural products of the European Union come from France. In order to ensure productivity, farmers and agro-industrial companies adopt new farming techniques.

The biological trend 

 Organic transition

 In addition, the buildup of health scandals in Europe and around the world for more than 60 years have encouraged the development of the organic trend. France does not escape from it. Actually, 5.7% of its agricultural area, or 1 538 047 ha, is grown in organic, while the initial target was 8% in 2017. Moreover, thousands of hectares are in conversion and it is necessary to reckon 2 to 3 years before the culture becomes totally organic. To compare, Tunisia has 222 000 hectares of area reserved for organic farming. Through his arboriculture project, Tarek Bouchamaoui plans to expand the country's organic area. 

118,000 direct jobs

 With regards the vegetable, fruit, beef and cereals sectors, farmers have already committed to start a transition to organic farming. Furthermore, biological agriculture is provided by more than 30,000 producers and the sector creates more than 118,000 direct jobs. This figure is growing at 8.4% per year. Compared with other European countries, France holds the third organic surface of the continent. it is behind Spain and Italy and ahead of Germany. 

The outlets for agricultural production


The European Union is the main market for French agricultural products. However, they are also sold around the world, in Africa as in America or Asia. For instance, almost half of the wheat is exported to the Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco ...) and Central Africa. As for the potato, it is mainly exported to its European neighbors. 

 Biological product

Moreover, organic products are basically intended for the domestic market. They cover the 71% of bios consumed in France. The remains come from Europe and the rest of the world. Most of these imported organic products are coffee, spices, tropical fruits. For example, the date "deglet nour" of Tunisia is very popular in Europe and especially in France. This is an opportunity that must be grasped for investors like Tarek Bouchamaoui.