07.09 2018
Image Discover what is the agricultural show!

Discover what is the agricultural show!

The agricultural show is an important meeting place for all actors in agriculture. It is an opportunity to enhance professional networks in the sector.

The International Agriculture Show

From Paris to Tunisia

In France, the International Agricultural Show is a fair exhibition organized annually at Versailles, in Paris. It is scheduled for the last week of February or the first week of March. In Tunisia, the event is appointed by the International Exhibition of Agriculture, Agricultural Machinery and Fisheries.

Promoting agricultural products

A showcase

However, whatever the country, such a national event allows farmers to show their products through presentations or tastings. By winning contests, they get rewards that will give visibility to their products. As a result, they ensure sales growth. In short, it is a showcase for the promotion of agricultural projects. In other circumstances, it is an opportunity to promote or even save endangered animal breeds.


For instance, this is the case of the goat neck of Berry that a breeders association of Rosnay decided to preserve to a possible loss. In fact, it appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. However, the breeders have gradually abandoned it in order to devote themselves to more productive breeds. Engaged in the SIA's "Animal Agrobiodiversity Award" competition, the association is planning, among other things, to set up a nursery for goats to develop the breeding of this breed in its region.


For distributors or suppliers, this annual event allows them to meet the producers who are the main suppliers of the sector. Thus, this represents an opportunity to find top quality agricultural products and place orders. Sometimes investors like Tarek Bouchamaoui come from far to see the latest innovations in the agriculture sector. In short, it is an occasion to develop partnerships between agribusinesses and producers.

Share and inform farmers

Boost the sector

For organizations, this event is an opening to rejuvenate the country's agricultural sector. By organizing meetings, workshops, conferences. It promotes exchanges and sharing experiences. Besides, it carries out a transfer of knowledge and practices by sharing the latest insight in growing techniques. This kind of initiative allows actors like Tarek Bouchamaoui to invest for the future.

Agricultural innovation

For Tunisia the SIAMAP, the flagship event of the sector in Tunisia, the competition for "Agricultural Innovation" is part of this framework. It is also a shot to provide farmers with information on market trends and possible new food safety standards. Moreover, by organizing contests, they motivate farmers to work for excellence. Otherwise, rewarding the products and the projects, they steer the market trends of the sector.